Correcting National ID Card Information Online in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

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Yoday let you know a Comprehensive Guide on Correcting National ID Card Information Online in 2023. Facing mistakes in your ID card can lead to significant challenges in various life tasks. Correcting inaccuracies in your National Identity Card (NID) is essential to avoid enduring penalties indefinitely. Timely revision of your NID is crucial for ensuring accuracy in your official records and personal identification.

National ID Card Information Correction in Online 2023

Correcting National ID Card Information Online in 2023

Rectifying any erroneous details in your NID is possible through a user-friendly online correction application. It’s important to note that altering certain information, such as date of birth, name, or parent’s name, is restricted. Many individuals attempt to adjust their age through corrections, but this practice is not allowed.

Correcting National ID Card Information Online in 2023

Step-by-Step NID Correction Process

  1. Visit the official Bangladesh NID Application System website.
  2. Complete the registration process using your voter ID card number and date of birth.
  3. Access the account dashboard and proceed to modify the required information.

Remember that you need to update the specific NID details requiring correction and pay the applicable correction fee. Supporting documents substantiating the revised information should be uploaded. Please note that the fee for NID correction varies based on the type of correction and the category of information change.

Guidelines for NID Amendment

Thanks to online correction applications, rectifying errors in your NID is now simpler than ever. Whether it’s a misspelled name or incorrect parental information, the process can be easily completed. Moreover, if there’s an error in your date of birth, the NID Correction Application can help you rectify it.

It’s crucial for everyone to familiarize themselves with the rules surrounding ID card corrections. This ensures that any errors are promptly addressed and corrected.

Procedure for NID Amendment

  1. To initiate an NID amendment, visit
  2. Log in using your NID number and date of birth.
  3. Verify your identity through both number and face verification.
  4. Upload the necessary documents if any information requires modification.

Remember that modifying NID information requires substantial evidence in favor of the change. Proper documentation is key to supporting the information you wish to amend in your ID card.

When your ID card correction application is accurate and valid, approval typically takes 25 to 30 days. However, during election periods, approval timelines may vary due to increased workload. Adherence to the National Identity Card Amendment Rules is essential for successful application approval. Applications submitted without proper evidence or documents may face extended processing times.

Required Documents for NID Correction

For addressing corrections in personal information, documents such as educational qualification certificates, online birth registration certificates, driving licenses, and e-passports serve as reliable proofs. The necessary documents may vary based on the type of information being modified.

While these documents are crucial for correcting visible NID information, adjusting your address necessitates providing utility bill documents. For address modifications, a copy of the electricity bill plays a pivotal role.

In instances where the blood group isn’t specified on the NID, adding or changing it requires a blood grouping test report from a medical clinic. In certain cases, affidavits, citizenship certificates, or Irish certificates might need to be uploaded. Changing a husband or wife’s name on the ID card requires a Kabinnama.

Process of National ID Card Information Correction in Online 2023

The online NID correction process involves several sequential steps for easy navigation:

  1. Account Registration: Start by visiting the National Identity Card website at Use your voter ID card number, date of birth, address, and mobile number for account verification.
  2. Provide Voter ID Information: During account creation, use either your 10-digit or 17-digit ID number to complete the registration.
  3. Address Verification: Verify that your provided address matches the information on your voter ID card application.
  4. Mobile Number Verification: Verify your mobile number using the provided verification code.
  5. Face Verification: Utilize the NID Wallet App for face verification by scanning the QR Code displayed on the website.
  6. Account Password Setup: Optionally, set an account password for convenient future logins.
  7. Correction of Voter ID Information: After completing the account registration, log in to your account and navigate to the correction section.
  8. Document Upload: Submit required documents to substantiate the information you’re amending.
  9. Payment of Correction Fee: Pay the stipulated fee for the correction through available payment methods such as Bkash, Rocket, or Cash.
  10. Application Approval: Upon successful submission, your corrected NID will be approved within a specified timeframe.
  11. Download Revised ID Card: Once approved, you can download and use your revised NID card.

National ID Card Bangladesh Correction Fee

  • National ID Card renew: Regular Tk. 100/= & Urgent Tk. 150/=
  • Lost or New ID Card: Regular Tk. 200/= & Urgent Tk. 300/=
  • NID Information Correction: Tk. 200/=

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does NID correction take? A: Typically, the approval process takes 30 to 45 days after submitting an online application for voter ID card correction. In many instances, the National Identity Card is corrected within 15 to 21 days.

Q2: What’s the most effective document for correcting the name on the voter ID card? A: For name corrections, a driving license or e-passport is highly effective. If you lack board exam certificates (JSC, SSC, HSC), a marriage certificate can also be submitted.

Q3: How much is the smart card amendment fee? A: The amendment fee for the national identity card varies, ranging from a minimum of 230 taka to a maximum of 345 taka. The specific fee depends on the category and type of application.

Conclusion: In this comprehensive article, we’ve provided a detailed guide to applying for National Identity Card amendments online in 2023. Correcting errors promptly and accurately is essential for maintaining reliable identification records. By adhering to the outlined steps and understanding the guidelines, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the NID correction process. Should you require further information or clarification, feel free to explore the provided resources and contacts. We trust that this guide has equipped you with the necessary knowledge for seamless National Identity Card corrections.

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