List of Top Bangladesh Newspapers – Reading Newspaper Increases Knowledge

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List of Top Bangladesh Newspapers – Reading Newspaper Increases Knowledge. Bangladesh has a vibrant media landscape, with hundreds of newspapers providing news and information to the country’s citizens.

List of Top Bangladesh Newspapers

List of Top Bangladesh Newspapers - Reading Newspaper Increases Knowledge

Some of the top and most influential Bangladeshi newspapers are:

The Daily Star

Founded in 1991, The Daily Star is the most widely read English language newspaper in Bangladesh. It has a reputation for independent, investigative journalism and often tackles controversial topics. The Daily Star focuses heavily on national political and economic issues.

Daily Prothom Alo

Meaning “First Light” in Bengali, Prothom Alo is the highest circulation Bengali daily newspaper. Established in 1998, it is known for its liberal and secular viewpoint. Prothom Alo covers major national and international events and also provides extensive entertainment and lifestyle content. It is popular with the urban middle class.

The Daily Ittefaq

One of the oldest newspapers in Bangladesh, The Daily Ittefaq was founded in 1953. Published in Bengali, it has a circulation of over 200,000. The editorial slant of The Daily Ittefaq is progressive and it provides extensive coverage of national politics and current affairs.

The Daily Sun

Launched in 2010, The Daily Sun is a popular English language newspaper. It is Bangladesh’s first 24-hour online newspaper and provides continuously updated news. The Daily Sun covers national and international news with a focus on business, sports and entertainment stories.

The Financial Express

As the name indicates, this newspaper specializes in business and economic news. First published in 1993, The Financial Express provides coverage of Bangladeshi finance, industry, trade and stock markets. It also reports on international financial news. The Financial Express is published in English.

The Daily Observer

This influential English daily was established in 2003. The Daily Observer is owned by the Bangladesh Observer Group, which also publishes the Bengali daily Bangladesh Observer. The Daily Observer maintains a relatively conservative, pro-government editorial stance.

Daily New Age

Founded in 2003, New Age is an independent English language daily published from Dhaka. New Age is known for its in-depth analytical coverage of national politics and social issues. It offers opinions from multiple perspectives and has a socially liberal stance.

Daily Dhaka Tribune

Launched in 2011, the Dhaka Tribune is a leading English news site in Bangladesh. With a tagline of “News of Tomorrow”, the paper covers national and world news with a focus on politics, business, opinion, culture and lifestyle. The Dhaka Tribune has a progressive perspective.

The Daily Independent

Established in 1993, The Independent is an influential bilingual newspaper published in both English and Bengali. Its editorial values are progressive and secular. The Independent provides extensive coverage of Bangladeshi current affairs, business and international news.

Daily Kaler Kantho

Meaning “Voice of the Times” in Bengali, Kaler Kantho is a popular Bengali language daily newspaper. Launched in 2006, it has grown to have one of the highest circulations in Bangladesh. Kaler Kantho is known for sensational crime reporting but also covers politics, international news, entertainment and sports.

Daily Jugantor

This Bengali daily was founded in 1987. Jugantor has earned a reputation for its investigative journalism and coverage of crime, corruption and terrorism in Bangladesh. It has faced government criticism over the years for its reporting. Jugantor has a nationwide readership.

Among Bangladesh’s English dailies, The Daily Star, The Financial Express and New Age are considered to provide the highest quality journalism and have significant influence among thought leaders, policy makers and the middle class. Prothom Alo and The Daily Ittefaq are the newspapers with the widest readership in Bengali. Kaler Kantho, Jugantor, The Daily Sun and the Dhaka Tribune have reshaped the Bengali newspaper market with their lively, fast-paced reporting.

Despite explosive growth in digital and broadcast media, print newspapers remain popular across Bangladesh. Newspapers provide a deeper analysis of news and issues than television and online news. They continue to shape public discourse in the politically vibrant country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bangladeshi Newspapers

What are the most popular newspapers in Bangladesh?

The newspapers with the highest circulation in Bangladesh are the Bengali dailies Prothom Alo, The Daily Ittefaq, and Kaler Kantho. The leading English dailies are The Daily Star, The Financial Express, New Age, and The Independent.

Which Bangladeshi newspaper has the widest readership?

Prothom Alo, a Bengali daily established in 1998, has the highest circulation of any Bangladeshi newspaper at over 500,000 copies daily. It is read by over 5 million people across Bangladesh’s population centers.

What are some leading online newspapers in Bangladesh?

The Daily Star,, and The Independent are popular online Bangla and English-language news sites. They provide continuously updated breaking news and e-paper editions.

Which Bangladesh newspapers are best for business and finance news?

The Financial Express and The Daily Star’s business section provide extensive coverage of Bangladeshi corporate news, finance, and stock markets. International business news is also widely covered.

What newspapers specialize in investigative journalism in Bangladesh?

Prothom Alo, The Daily Star, New Age and Jugantor regularly publish in-depth investigative reports on corruption, human rights issues, and crime in Bangladesh.

Which newspapers have faced government criticism in Bangladesh?

Newspapers like The Daily Star, Prothom Alo, New Age and Jugantor have at times faced government sanctions, lawsuits or advertising boycotts over their reporting and editorial stances.

Is there censorship of newspapers in Bangladesh?

There are no formal censorship laws but journalists and editors can face criminal prosecution for defamation or harming religious sentiment. Reporters covering sensitive topics like corruption or human rights issues often practice self-censorship.

What is the circulation of the most popular Bangla newspaper?

Prothom Alo has a daily circulation of over 500,000 copies. The Daily Ittefaq and Kaler Kantho each have circulations of around 200,000 to 300,000. Bangla dailies reach a wider audience as Bangla is read and spoken by 98% of Bangladeshis.

Which newspapers cater to conservative or pro-government audiences?

Newspapers like The Daily Observer, The Daily Sangbad and The Bangladesh Times are considered to have a pro-establishment editorial stance. Islamist newspapers like The Daily Inqilab also have modest readership among religious conservatives.

This covers the key facts about major newspapers in Bangladesh, their history, circulation, reputation and editorial stances. The media landscape continues to rapidly evolve, but print newspapers remain widely read, shaping public discourse and opinion in Bangladeshi society.

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