Guide to Paying National Identity Card Correction Fee: A Simplified Approach

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NID-BD-FEEToday let you know the guide to Paying National Identity Card Correction Fee. Correcting errors on your Voter ID Card or National Identity Card (NID) is now hassle-free through the use of mobile banking services like Bkash and Rocket. In this guide, we break down the steps for paying your NID correction fee, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process.

Ensuring accurate information on your National Identity Card is crucial. This guide outlines the steps for efficiently submitting the correction fee for your Voter ID or NID, making use of modern mobile banking solutions.

Knowing The NID Correction Fee

Prior to initiating the payment, it’s essential to determine the exact fee for the correction you require. You can easily find this information on the official website

Payment Methods

You can complete your NID correction fee payment via Bkash, Rocket Mobile Banking, OK Wallet, or T Cash. Read More – Dhaka Elevated Expressway Toll Rates and Details 2023

Using Bkash

Follow these steps to pay your NID correction fee using the Bkash mobile banking service:

  1. Launch the Bkash app and choose the “Pay-Bill” option.
  2. Navigate to the “Government Fee” category and select “NID Service.”
  3. Enter your 17 or 10-digit NID number in English.
  4. Select the type of correction you need.
  5. Confirm and complete the payment using your PIN.


Using Rocket

Paying your correction fee via Rocket Mobile Banking is just as simple:

  1. Access the Rocket dashboard and select “Bill Pay.”
  2. Enter “1000” in the search bar and choose “EC Bangladesh.”
  3. Provide your NID number and select the fee submission mode.
  4. Confirm the payment.


NID Correction Fee Details

The correction fee for your National Identity Card depends on the number of corrections needed. Here’s an overview:

  • First correction: Tk 230
  • Second correction: Tk 345
  • Third correction: Tk 570

Fees may also vary based on the specific details being amended.

Questions and Answers on National Identity Card Amendment Fee

Q1: How many times can I revise my ID card? A: You can correct inaccurate information on your ID card up to three times, with the fee increasing for subsequent corrections.

Q2: How much is the fee for correcting a wrong name? A: To rectify a name error, a fee of Tk 230, plus VAT and tax, totaling Tk 230, must be paid.

Q3: What’s the fee for other data changes? A: Correcting information other than personal details requires a Tk 345 fee.

National ID card correction fee check

By adhering to these guidelines, you can effortlessly correct errors on your National Identity Card while utilizing the convenience of modern mobile banking services. For more comprehensive information and to calculate your correction fee, visit

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