Story of Saira Rehman : From Bangladesh to Britain’s Most Notorious Prisoner

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Discover the incredible journey of Saira Rehman, a Bangladeshi woman who found herself married to Britain’s most notorious prisoner, Charles Bronson. From escaping an abusive marriage in her homeland to crossing paths with a man infamous for his violence, this is a story of resilience, love, and the unexpected twists of fate.

Saira Rehman

Saira Rehman’s Early Life and Escape

Saira, formerly known as Fatema Saira Rehman, left her home in Habiganj, Bangladesh, after being coerced into an unwanted marriage at a young age. Her tumultuous marriage in Birmingham, England, subjected her to physical abuse due to insufficient dowry and her inability to cook. Saira’s journey to freedom began when she gave birth to her daughter Sami after escaping to a women’s refuge, despite enduring a harrowing fall down the stairs during her pregnancy.

Rebuilding Her Life

Alone and determined, Saira Rehman moved to a council flat, embarked on learning English, and enrolled in college to acquire computer skills and delve into women’s studies. She eventually secured a job as a counselor at a women’s refuge center and even started dating a policeman, marking the start of her path toward independence and self-discovery.

A Fateful Encounter

Saira’s life took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon a photograph of Charles Bronson, often referred to as Britain’s most violent prisoner. Instantly captivated by his image, Saira’s fascination grew stronger over time. After three years, in 2001, their connection began to unfold through letters and phone calls.

The Unlikely Love Story

Despite initial doubts, Saira Rehman and Bronson’s connection deepened as they exchanged heartfelt letters. Their first meeting occurred on March 4, 2001, at Woodhill Prison. Over the course of ten visits, their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage at Milton Keynes prison. Saira Rehman, at 31, and Bronson, at 48, shared a small civil ceremony, with Saira’s 10-year-old daughter as a bridesmaid.

Challenges and Media Attention

Their union faced considerable opposition from Asian communities in the UK, resulting in Saira Rehman losing her job at the women’s refuge center. Saira Rehman recounted her journey in the book “Breaking Free: The True Story of a Survivor,” where she shared her path to peace through her love for Bronson. The couple campaigned for Bronson’s release, and he converted to Islam during this period. Saira’s daughter even began calling Bronson “dad.”

The Enigmatic Divorce

In 2005, their marriage ended in divorce, surrounded by mystery. Details about who initiated the divorce and the reasons behind it remain elusive. Bronson has since remarried and renounced Islam.

Saira Rehman’s remarkable life journey, from escaping a forced marriage in Bangladesh to her unexpected marriage to Charles Bronson, is a testament to her resilience and strength. While her current whereabouts are unknown, her story continues to captivate those who encounter it, highlighting the twists and turns that life can bring. Source: DT

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