Anurager Chhowa – Unbeknownst to Surya, Mishka is The Mother of his Child

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The popular Bengali television drama “Anurager Chhowa” has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline centering around the trials and tribulations of the lead characters Surya and Deepa. However, viewers are feeling fatigued by the constant scheming and conspiracies hatched by the vindictive Mishka that continue to keep the protagonists apart.

Anurager Chhowa

Anurager Chhowa – Unbeknownst to Surya, Mishka is The Mother of his Child

According to the latest plot developments, Mishka has gotten pregnant using Surya’s sperm that he had collected for his medical experiments, completely without his knowledge or consent. This pregnancy has thrown Surya and Deepa’s lives into further disarray. Their two young daughters Sona and Rupa are facing intense ridicule in school as classmates taunt them over their new sibling on the way, born from the extramarital affair of their father Surya and Mishka. Sona and Rupa protest their innocence but the damage is done.

To make matters worse, the school authorities inform Surya that his daughters can no longer continue their education there, given the controversy surrounding him as the DNA report confirms he is the father of Mishka’s child, despite his vehement denials. Sona and Rupa now face the prospect of having their education and lives uprooted due to Mishka’s vile scheming.

Anurager Chhowa

Deepa, however, has resolved not to doubt Surya any longer and is determined to expose Mishka’s lies at any cost in order to protect her husband from further controversy and danger. But how she will go about unmasking Mishka’s intricate web of deceit remains to be seen.

Audiences eagerly anticipate the grand 2-day episode of “Anurager Chhowa” airing on October 27th and 28th, Friday and Saturday, hoping that Surya and Deepa may finally reunite and the show’s TRP continues its reign at the top of the charts. The ardent wish of fans is that this top-rated Bengali serial touches more hearts with its emotional allure.

Know More About Anurager Chhowa

Anurager Chhowa has been one of the most popular Bengali serials since its premiere, capturing the hearts of viewers across West Bengal. The show airs on a leading Bengali channel and features beloved actors Prachee Mishra as Deepa and Tiyasha Lepcha as Mishka in the lead roles.

Centered around Dr. Surya Sen, a successful gynecologist, and his loving wife Deepa, the show takes a dramatic turn when Surya’s obsessive former lover Mishka enters their lives. Beautiful but cunning Mishka secretly has a vendetta against Surya for rejecting her years ago. She wormed her way into their world by becoming Deepa’s best friend but is now set on destroying their happy family at any cost.

Mishka’s latest scheme has left audiences shocked – using Surya’s sperm sample from his lab, she impregnated herself without his knowledge! This pregnancy has created havoc in Surya and Deepa’s lives, with Surya being accused of infidelity. Their reputations are tarnished, threatening Surya’s medical practice.

Anurager Chhowa - Unbeknownst to Surya, Mishka is The Mother of his Child

Meanwhile, Deepa staunchly supports her husband despite the accusations. She stands firmly by Surya’s side, shielding him from controversy and trying her best to explain the truth to their daughters Sona and Rupa. But Mishka’s web of lies and manipulation has convinced everyone that Surya is the father of Mishka’s baby.

Upcoming episodes will showcase Deepa’s resilience as she works tirelessly to unveil Mishka’s evil plans and prove Surya’s innocence. But Mishka is always one step ahead, scheming even more nefarious ways to break Deepa and Surya apart.

With its dramatic twists and turns, talented star cast and emphasis on family bonds and values, Anurager Chhowa has struck a chord with Bengali audiences. The show’s huge popularity attests to its success as one of the most compelling serials on air today.

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