Bidya Sinha Mim Remarkable Performance: Completing the ‘Antarjal’ Movie in Just Two Dresses

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After numerous delays, the Dhaka-based film actress Bidya Sinha Mim and actor Siam Ahmed’s eagerly awaited movie ‘Antarjal’ has finally hit the screens. Directed by Dipankar Deepan, the film was released on Friday, September 22, in 184 screens worldwide, including Bangladesh.

Bidya Sinha Mim

Bidya Sinha Mim Remarkable Performance in Antarjal

Bidya Sinha Mim portrayed the character Nishad in ‘Antarjal,’ and what’s particularly intriguing is that she spent the entire movie in just two outfits. Reflecting on this unique experience, Bidya Sinha Mim shared, “‘Antarjal’ is a distinctive project for me in many ways. Throughout the movie, you’ll only see me wearing two different outfits. Once you watch the film, you’ll realize how every moment is filled with tension. There was simply no opportunity to change costumes during those intense scenes. I’m confident the audience won’t want to take their eyes off the screen!”

‘Antarjal’ is a thrilling cyberwar-based film that tells a gripping story. Producer Dipankar Deepan explained, “We undertook this project during the pandemic, and we’ve entirely relied on local talent. Our Director of Photography (DOP), art director, and technical team are all from our own country. While it’s not your typical romantic film, ‘Antarjal’ offers the excitement and narrative that every viewer looks for in a movie. You’ll find that each of my films belongs to a different genre. The first was a police action, the second a wildlife action, and now we have ventured into the world of cyber warfare.”

In the film, Siam Ahmed takes on the role of Lumin, a character deeply devoted to his country. Another pivotal character, Priyam, who works with robots, is portrayed by Sunerah binte Kamal. The movie also features ABM Sumon, Mashroor Enan (Kito Bhai), Amit Sinha, Rawnak Hasan, Mohammad Ali Haider, and others in significant roles.

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