Porimoni Opens Up About Life and Relationships: A Glimpse into Dhaka’s Movie Scene

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Porimoni Opens Up About Life and Relationships. Porimoni, the popular Dhakai movie actress, has been making headlines for various reasons lately, particularly after her recent separation from actor Shariful Raj. Despite her busy acting schedule, she has found herself at the center of scrutiny in her personal life, often facing criticism and sarcasm on social media.


Porimoni Opens Up About Life and Relationships

When asked about how she deals with the constant attention, Porimoni shared her perspective during a press interview, saying, “If a stranger ever says something about me, it doesn’t affect me much. What truly hurts is when people you know say baseless or false things intentionally. That’s when it stings. Criticism from distant individuals doesn’t hold much weight.”

On the subject of what binds men and women together, the actress reflected, “Every relationship is built on an illusion. Whether it’s work or family, love is the foundation. Without that illusion, life would lack meaning. Love must underpin every aspect of our lives.”

In a recent Facebook status, Porimoni expressed her heartfelt desire, saying, “The one thing I cherish most in life is being with my son and witnessing his growth.”

Porimoni’s talent has recently shone in the OTT release of the web film ‘Puff Daddy,’ where she portrayed the character Tina. Fans can anticipate her presence in several upcoming movies as well. Stay tuned for more from this talented actress as she continues to grace the Dhaka movie scene.

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