Elevated Expressway Toll Rates : All You Need to Know

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Elevated Expressway Toll RatesA portion of the Dhaka Elevated Expressway is set to launch next September, aiming to alleviate traffic congestion within Dhaka city. However, it’s important to note that while all vehicle types will be operational, motorcycles and three-wheelers will not be permitted. This directive comes from Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader.

Obaidul Quader announced that the inauguration of the Dhaka Elevated Expressway, spanning from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Tejgaon, is scheduled for September. The honor of inaugurating this infrastructure will be carried out by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway route extends from Kawla, located to the south of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, to the Kutubkhali area of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway via Kuril-Banani-Mahakhali-Tezgaon-Mogbazar-Kamalapur-Syedabad-Jatrabari. The successful completion of this project is expected to significantly alleviate traffic congestion within Dhaka city, consequently reducing travel time and costs. The main elevated expressway stretches across 19.73 km. Inclusive of the ramps designed for boarding and alighting, the entire project spans 27 km, culminating in a total length of elevated expressway and ramps reaching 46.73 km.

During the initial phase of the project, the expressway segment stretching from Kawla to Banani railway station covers a distance of 7.45 km. The second phase covers a length of 5.85 km, extending from Banani railway station to Moghbazar rail crossing. The final phase encompasses the remaining distance from Moghbazar rail crossing to Kutubkhali along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

Elevated Expressway Toll Rates 2023

Elevated Expressway Toll Rates

In the initial phase’s physical construction, a total of 1482 piles, 326 pile caps, 325 columns, 325 cross beams, and 3,048 eye girders have been successfully erected. Additionally, 3,048 eye girders and 328 bridges have been completed. The overall progress of this phase’s physical construction stands at an impressive 97.28 percent.

Transitioning to the second phase of the project’s physical construction, the completion of 1,633 piles, 335 pile caps, 323 columns, 320 cross beams, and 2,305 eye girders is noteworthy. Furthermore, 2,044 eye girders and 233 bridges have been finalized. As of now, this phase’s physical construction progress stands at 54.22 percent.

In the third phase of physical construction, the progress achieved is 5.67 percent. Consequently, the cumulative progress for the entire project currently stands at 63.20 percent.

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