The Role of Chief Heat Officer in Dhaka: Managing Extreme Heat and Climate Change

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The Role of a Chief Heat Officer in Dhaka: Managing Extreme Heat and Climate ChangeThe Role of Chief Heat Officer in Dhaka is very important. Discover the groundbreaking appointment of a Chief Heat Officer (CHO) in Dhaka, an unprecedented move in Asia led by the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC). With the scorching temperatures and increasing threats from climate change, the CHO plays a crucial role in combating extreme heat. Let’s delve into the responsibilities of a CHO, the significance of this appointment in Dhaka, and the commitment of Bushra Afreen, the first CHO in Bangladesh.

What does a Chief Heat Officer do?

A Chief Heat Officer serves as a leader in the battle against the escalating dangers of extreme heat caused by climate change. This innovative position, akin to a Chief Sustainability Officer or Chief Resilience Officer, focuses on addressing environmental risks and mitigating the effects of heatwaves and rising temperatures. The CHO collaborates with urban planners, public health officials, and stakeholders to implement strategies that reduce heat in cities, safeguarding local residents from the health impacts of extreme heat.

Dhaka’s Need for a Chief Heat Officer

With Dhaka experiencing record-breaking temperatures exceeding 40°C, the need for a Chief Heat Officer becomes evident. Factors such as a lack of green spaces, ongoing development projects, unplanned urbanization, and environmental damage have contributed to the unbearable heat increase in the city. The CHO’s presence is vital in identifying these issues, implementing green initiatives, and ensuring Dhaka’s temperature reaches internationally acceptable levels through diverse efforts.

The Role of Chief Heat Officer in Dhaka

A Chief Heat Officer’s responsibilities vary based on the city’s conditions and requirements. Noteworthy tasks involve devising action plans to reduce urban heat, identifying and mitigating heat-prone areas through green infrastructure improvements like parks, trees, roofs, and sidewalks. Moreover, they design plans to protect vulnerable populations such as the elderly and young children from the adverse effects of extreme heat. The CHO also plays a key role in raising public awareness about the risks of extreme heat and providing guidance on staying safe during heatwaves.

Meet Bushra Afreen, the First Chief Heat Officer in Bangladesh

Bushra Afreen, the first CHO in Bangladesh, is a global development studies graduate from Canada and the daughter of DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam. Having previously worked as an executive at Shakti Foundation, a notable non-governmental development organization in Bangladesh, she brings valuable expertise to her new role as CHO.

Bushra’s Commitment to Combatting Extreme Heat

At the Arsht-Rock event, Bushra expressed her excitement at being part of a global organization of leaders and experts from diverse cities. Recognizing the vulnerability of low-income workers, slum dwellers, migrants, women, and children to the rising temperatures in Dhaka, Bushra emphasized the urgency of taking action against severe heatwaves. She is dedicated to protecting the people and communities of Dhaka from the intense heat through immediate and impactful measures.

The appointment of a Chief Heat Officer in Dhaka marks a significant step in addressing extreme heat and climate change challenges in Asia. As the first CHO in Bangladesh, Bushra Afreen’s commitment to safeguarding Dhaka’s residents from the adverse effects of heatwaves is commendable. With strategic planning and collaboration, the CHO aims to create a safer and healthier environment for the city’s inhabitants while mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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