ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED Review: The Ultra-Lightweight Wonder

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ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED Review. Have you ever pondered the idea of a laptop so lightweight that you can slip it into your backpack or briefcase without even noticing its presence? Perhaps, you desire a laptop even thinner than some of the pens in your collection. While some may think of the MacBook Air as a solution, what if you’re a die-hard Windows enthusiast, and the thought of switching to a MacBook isn’t even on your radar? ASUS, renowned for its fearless integration of cutting-edge technology, introduces the Zenbook S13 OLED (UX5304), the perfect answer to all these questions. It’s a laptop that stands out in every way.

ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED Review: The Ultra-Lightweight Wonder

ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED Review: The Ultra-Lightweight Wonder

Sleek and Featherlight

Experience the elegance of ultimate portability. The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED (UX5304) is a compact and ultralight laptop designed for those who crave ultimate portability. This 13.3-inch laptop boasts an elegant 1cm thickness at its slimmest point and weighs a mere 1kg. Even compared to the 13.3 and 13.6-inch Apple MacBook Air models, it’s over 200g lighter. ASUS has undertaken a comprehensive redesign of its compact 13-inch Zenbook S13 OLED ultrabook, with a primary focus on delivering a lighter and sleeker device to the market. It now holds the title of the world’s thinnest 13.3-inch OLED ultrabook.

Durable Beauty

A laptop that’s as tough as it is elegant. In addition to the fresh design, the lid features a brand-new material. The case is crafted from aluminum and coated with a layer of plasma ceramic. This cutting-edge surface technology offers several advantages, such as enhanced durability against wear and corrosion. In everyday use, the slightly textured surface also remains fingerprint-free.

Power and Performance

Unleash the might of next-gen technology. Despite its slim and thin design, the Zenbook S13 OLED packs a punch when it comes to performance. In this redesign, ASUS has made a notable move by swapping out the impressive AMD processor found in last year’s model for the latest Raptor Lake chip from Intel. It harnesses the formidable might of the 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, boasting a whopping 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a blazing-fast 1 TB PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD. Say goodbye to sluggish boot times and file transfers – this laptop ensures a seamless computing experience. Plus, it’s equipped with a 63 Wh battery that’ll keep you entertained with a solid 14 hours of non-stop video playback.

Visual Marvel

A display that redefines the way you see the world. Shifting the focus to the screen, the Zenbook S13 OLED flaunts a striking 16:10 2.8K ASUS Lumina OLED display, complete with Dolby Vision, measuring a cool 13.9 inches diagonally. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill laptop screen; it’s here to redefine your visual experience. With a jaw-dropping 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, a blazing peak brightness of up to 550 nits, and an almost unbelievable 0.0005 nits of deep black brilliance, this screen is a creator’s dream.

Borderless Brilliance

Maximize your view with NanoEdge display. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the magic of OLED technology. Get ready for mind-blowing color accuracy, ink-like blacks, and visuals so vibrant they practically pop out of the screen. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite TV shows, perfecting your photo edits, or casually scrolling through the internet, the Zenbook S13 OLED screen isn’t just a display; it’s an enchanting visual journey.

But wait, there’s more! ASUS has managed to pull off an impressive 92% screen-to-body ratio on the Zenbook S13 OLED, all thanks to its NanoEdge display. Those ultra-slim bezels aren’t just for show; they maximize your screen real estate, giving you a broader view while keeping the laptop super sleek. It’s not just a style choice; it’s a game-changer for your visual experience.

Tech Marvels

Innovations that redefine your computing experience. ASUS has never shied away from integrating cutting-edge technology into its products, and the Zenbook S13 OLED is no exception. Let’s explore some of the standout features that make this laptop a technological marvel.

Performance Redefined

Experience seamless multitasking and lightning-fast data transfer. The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED is all about performance and innovation. It seamlessly combines impressive hardware prowess with the latest technology. Its robust processor and speedy storage options deliver unparalleled performance across various tasks. But that’s just the beginning. The IR camera with face unlock technology adds an extra layer of security and convenience. And with Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, your data transfer speeds reach new heights.

Versatile Connectivity

Stay connected without compromise. Despite its compact size, the Zenbook S13 OLED is packed with I/O ports, eliminating the need for pesky dongles or adapters during your travels. The two ultra-fast Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® ports support fast charging, 4K external displays, and blazing 40 Gbps data transfers. Plus, you’ve got a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, an HDMI® 2.1 port, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. This level of connectivity ensures your laptop stays future-proof, meeting the demands of your modern workflows.

Ergonomic Design

Enhance comfort and cooling with ErgoLift hinge. One standout feature in the Zenbook S13 OLED UX5304’s design is its clever ErgoLift hinge. When you open this laptop, the hinge gracefully elevates the keyboard to an ergonomically superior typing angle. Not only does this ergonomic innovation enhance your typing comfort, but it also facilitates improved airflow beneath the laptop. This ingenious design touch not only elevates your typing experience but also supercharges the laptop’s cooling performance.

Comfortable Typing

Precision and comfort combined. When it comes to the typing experience, it’s surprisingly comfortable. There are no issues with accuracy or speed, thanks to the satisfying click it offers. The trackpad is generously sized and smooth, providing firm clicks.

Sustainable Innovation

A laptop that cares for the planet. The Zenbook series draws inspiration from nature, a timeless muse that ASUS has embraced in their design philosophy. In their pursuit of sustainability, ASUS has set out to redefine the laptop game with Zenbook, striving to do more with less. They’ve embarked on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint by integrating recycled materials and adopting eco-conscious packaging practices. But that’s not all, folks! The Zenbook S13 OLED takes things to the next level, surpassing the ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency standard by a whopping 43%, significantly cutting down on its electricity consumption.

ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED, along with answers:

1. Is the ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED good for gaming?

  • While the ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED is primarily designed for productivity and portability, it can handle some light gaming thanks to its powerful hardware. It’s not a gaming laptop, but it can run less demanding games smoothly.

2. How long does the battery of the Zenbook S13 OLED last?

  • The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED features a 63 Wh battery that can provide up to 14 hours of continuous video playback. Actual battery life may vary based on usage.

3. Does the Zenbook S13 OLED support fast charging?

  • Yes, the laptop supports fast charging through its Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, allowing you to quickly recharge the battery.

4. Can I upgrade the RAM and storage in the Zenbook S13 OLED?

  • Unfortunately, the ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED has soldered RAM and no user-upgradable parts, so you cannot upgrade the RAM or storage after purchase.

5. Is the Zenbook S13 OLED suitable for content creation?

  • Yes, the ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED is well-suited for content creation tasks, thanks to its high-resolution OLED display, powerful processor, and ample RAM. It’s great for photo editing, video editing, and graphic design work.

6. Does the Zenbook S13 OLED have a backlit keyboard?

  • Yes, the laptop is equipped with a backlit keyboard, providing convenience for typing in low-light conditions.

7. How does the Zenbook S13 OLED compare to the MacBook Air?

  • The Zenbook S13 OLED offers a Windows alternative to the MacBook Air, with a lightweight design, powerful hardware, and an OLED display. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your operating system preference and specific requirements.

8. Is the Zenbook S13 OLED eco-friendly?

  • Yes, ASUS has made efforts to reduce the laptop’s environmental impact by using recycled materials and adopting eco-conscious practices. It surpasses the ENERGY STAR® energy efficiency standard and incorporates recycled magnesium-aluminum alloy in its construction to reduce its carbon footprint.

9. What colors are available for the Zenbook S13 OLED?

  • The ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED is available in two trendy colors: Basalt Grey and Ponder Blue.

10. What is the price of the Zenbook S13 OLED in Bangladesh?

– The Zenbook S13 OLED is priced at Tk189,900 in the Bangladeshi market.

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