How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games : The Complete Walkthrough [Detail Guide]

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Trace on Cool Math Games is an addictively challenging escape room experience. You wake up locked in an unfamiliar place and must find clues and solve puzzles to escape. With cryptic clues and complex contraptions around every corner, you’ll need patience and an eye for detail to break out. This complete walkthrough guide reveals solutions for every puzzle so you can beat Trace.

How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games?

Cool Math Games

Starting Out

After the opening cutscene, you find yourself locked in a bathroom. Explore the room to find useful items and clues:

  • Half a pair of scissors in the sink drain
  • A safe behind the picture on the wall. The code is 5472. Open it to get a lightbulb.
  • A pumpkin inside the left cabinet. Put the lightbulb in it.
  • A red tile with a key image inside the right cabinet under the sink.

Take the red tile and use it to solve the sliding puzzle on the door. Slide the pieces so all yellow and green tiles are on the right side, with the red tile over the green lock. This unlocks the door.

The House

After escaping the bathroom, you enter a house area. Look around to find:

  • A metal star under the couch
  • A battery and an ogre figurine by the plant
  • A blue tin horse and another metal star stuck to a painting
  • A cabinet under the window with a puzzle. Arrange the blocks low, high, middle, high, middle and press the button to make a broken metal table appear. Take it.

Go back to the bathroom and use the tin horse on the puzzle by the window. Move the horse’s neck to match the maze. Press the button on the giraffe to get the final piece of the broken metal table.

Activate the tall puzzle by the bathroom door and match the table piece. Press the red button that appears. Next, press the red buttons around the room in this order:

  1. By the couch
  2. By the safe
  3. Above the bed
  4. By the bathroom entrance

The box opens to reveal a green knife and key. Use the key to open the patio door.

The Small Patio

Pick up useful items like the vampire figure and metal star. Arrange the black cubes in this order from left to right:

  1. Hanging
  2. Tall pot
  3. Tall plant
  4. Painting

Press the red button to get a metal star. Return to the giraffe window and complete the puzzle again to find another battery.

Find another star by the mini piano. Under a table is another metal star. There are also six jigsaw puzzle pieces – one is missing so you’ll need to go back inside.

Use the knife from earlier to solve the heart puzzle on the carpet. Insert batteries into the heart lamps and make the arrows point the right way. Press the button to get a puzzle piece and a submarine – put them in the fish tank.

Use your knife to open the panel on the couch side to find a pentagon key. Enter 923 into the computer and it will boom. Send the submarine into the waterbowl. It will show you the code 26336 6161.

The Tower

Enter the code into the panel on the locked door. Return to the computer and use the final star. Open and close the fish tank drawers in this order: X O X O. You’ll get a magnet from the U drawer.

Return to the stars panel and place the stars so no two are next to each other, and no row or column has more than one. This unlocks the tower door.

Inside, take the phoenix figure from the red flowers using the umbrella key. This reveals a passageway. Take the robot hanging from a wire.

Go upstairs and look out the window to see the message “CABBAGE FACED”. Use the key to open the umbrella outside. A picture appears on the porch swing. Take a photo.

Attach the robot to the kite string outside. Return to the mini piano and play the keys for CABBAGE FACED. The piano opens to reveal a robotic arm – take it.

Go back to the first computer and attach the arm to the submarine. Log in and use the robot to check the symbols on the bridge: circles, squares, triangles, stars, squares, circles.

Have the submarine decode your earlier number code “I DID DEEDS” and enter it into the flower table drawer. You’ll get a dragon figure.

Recreate the porch swing image on the pinboard. Turn off the 8 lights in this order: 12356784. It shows a stone plinth. Place your figures on their matching plinth. You’ll get a screwdriver.

The Final Puzzles

Go upstairs and use the symbols from the bridge on the puzzle you saw through the robot’s eyes. Remove the panel from the fan with the screwdriver. The code is “0-|-“. Enter it on the computer to access Mathemagic. Learn the symbol meanings.

Use this to open the safe under the computer. Get the book sequel and note the launch year 2793 and planet colors.

Enter the 4-digit year into the machine upstairs. Take a screenshot of the image shown. Return to the pyramid outside and press the triangles from your screenshot image. A key falls out.

Use this key and your pentagon key to unlock the toilet lid, revealing a passage to escape.

Congratulations, you beat Trace on Cool Math Games! With this detailed walkthrough, you can now conquer every puzzle in this challenging room escape game.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cool Math Games

Here are some common questions about solving Trace on Cool Math Games:

What are some examples of puzzles in Trace?

Some major puzzles include sliding tile puzzles, safes with codes, arranging objects in the correct order, decoding messages, using clues to open boxes and doors, connecting contraptions, and completing sequences.

Where can I find the scissors in Trace?

The first pair of scissors is located in the sink drain in the starting bathroom area.

How do I use the tiles puzzle to get out of the first room?

The red, yellow, and green tiles on the door must be slid so that the green and yellow tiles are on the right side and the red tile covers the green lock symbol.

What is the safe code in the bedroom?

The safe behind the picture frame in the bedroom area has the code 5472.

How do I solve the horse sculpture puzzle?

Use the horse sculpture on the picture frame in the bedroom. Move the horse’s neck to match the maze shown behind the picture.

Where are the buttons I need to press in the correct order?

There are red buttons by the couch, safe, bed, and bathroom entrance that must be pressed 1-2-3-4.

How do I arrange the black cubes on the patio?

Arrange the cubes in this left-to-right order: hanging, tall pot, tall plant, painting. Then press the red button.

What code unlocks the tower door?

The code is 26336 6161 which you get by sending the submarine into the water bowl.

How do I unlock the final toilet lid puzzle?

Use the triangle key and pentagon key together to unlock the toilet lid and reveal the final escape passage.

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